Hygge with Nordisk vol.6【overseas】
¥33,000 ¥30,000

This is the ticket of Nordisk user events [Hygge with Nordisk vol.6].

Every oversea particapant need buy one ticket.


[ Hygge with Nordisk vol.6 overview】

Date and time: Saturday, September 21 , 2024 , 12:00 p.m. ~ Sunday, September 22nd Scheduled at12:30 pm

Location: Fumotoppara Campground ( 156 Fumoto, Fujinomiya City , Shizuoka Prefecture ) * Part of the area is reserved for private use.

Conditions for participation: Those who are Nordisk fan or interest in Nordisk products. Capacity: Approximately 20 persons

Participation fee: 33,000 yen (within tax)

◆ About the event
・This event will be held either rain or shine. (However, it will be canceled in the event of severe weather.)
・Start and end times are subject to change.
・Due to safety and scenic reasons, auto-camping style accommodation is not permitted.
    During the event, please use the designated parking spaces. There will also be some restrictions on vehicle entry and traffic direction within the venue.

◆ About tickets
・The ticket fee is including followings :

  • a commemorative gift
  • Nordisk tent, tarp and mat rental.
  • Dinner on 21st Sep and breakfast on 22nd

・Paper tickets will not be mailed.
・We cannot accept any changes or cancellations after purchase. We also cannot accept refunds.

◆ Regarding safety, etc.
・Please follow the instructions of staff within the event venue.
・If you behave in a way that is undesirable from the perspective of safety management and facility management, we may refuse you entry and ask you to leave.
・The organizers and venue will not be held responsible for any accidents or theft caused by participants inside or outside the venue.
    In addition, please be responsible for managing your own luggage and valuables.
・Bringing, operating, flying, filming, etc. of small unmanned aircraft (drones, etc.) is prohibited.

◆ Others
Photos of the event may be published on our website, social media, etc. Please note that customers may appear in the photos.