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Imagine being woken up by birds singing and trees whispering. But even though you are outside, and feel the refreshing air everywhere around you, you are still surrounded by the luxury of a hotel room. That is what glamping is all about. Spacious and light cotton tents filled with oriental rugs, futon beds, rustic furniture and candlelit lanterns reflecting in a mirror. Luxury and modern necessities in the middle of nature. Glamorous camping – glamping – is a growing trend to combine luxury and nature.
Check into nature’s own billion stars hotel.
If this sounds like something for you, there are two ways of going about glamping. There are pre-set campsites, which allow you to rent a fully furbished glamping camp - just like a luxury hotel room, except here, you don’t have to settle for five stars.

How to go Glamping

Gather your loved ones. Invite them to your home outside home. Enjoy your time outdoors together and feel the happiness. Time is now.

Glamping means glamorous camping – it is all about releasing your inner interior designer and glamping up your cotton tent in the wild and wonderful outdoors. And the fancy camping style is more popular than ever.

We help you get started

Uhhh, that cotton tent!

The core of a glamping camp is a spacious cotton tent.

Nordisk has a range of beautiful and spacious cotton tents in classic designs. Our tents are large enough for standing and sturdy enough to be furbished with real furniture. Besides having a great indoor climate, the cotton is given a water repellency treatment, so the tents are waterproof and can withstand summer rain.

Release your inner interior designer

– and choose the right theme for glamping up your tent

Perhaps an elegant classic safari look with dark wooden furniture, khaki linen, brass lanterns and a giant antique globe on top of an old wine barrel?!

Or maybe you could just go Nordisk. Styled with a beautiful minimalistic Scandinavian design and cozy furniture. Remember lots of pillows and different kind of lighting to create that true Hygge-feeling.

Complete your cotton camp

Gear up. Bring absolutely everything you need.

Glamping is not about surviving in the wilderness but about combining the luxury of a hotel holiday with adventures in nature.

Find a camping spot with the right mix of nature and modern necessities. Take your time to set up the perfect glamping camp. It is important that everything works and looks absolutely stunning.

Create lifetime memories around the campfire. Enjoy the moment to the fullest and listen to your heartbeat slowing down.